We usually are very happy being single, I mean not committed with responsibilities. You can buy everything that you want, you can do everything that you love, but have you ever thought that one day you will be committed to someone? have you thought of having a family? have you ever thought of how do young teens live their lives at the teenager’s age range?


Those are actually ages that I get curious about, on how do they live their lives. is it hard? are they still happy? where are they getting the money? how do they budget the money?  Can they give good education to their children thoughts that every single parent has?.

I became a parent at the age of 24 but I’m telling you it was not easy, It’s not easy especially when it comes to money. Just imagine, if a degree holder parent is still having a problem, how much more to those parents that were not able to graduate even in high school or those parents that are still in high school. Things that I get curious about hearing that they already have a child at an early age makes me sad.

In my place, teenage pregnancy is already a trend. So I asked some of them because most of them are my friends. In an interview, according to them, “it was a living hell”, One of them shared a story that his partner had an affair with another teenager so she was left with a kid without anything and her parents didn’t know about what’s going on to the both of them. She was forced to have a double job, She is doing everything that she can to survive. That’s what I’m talking about. I’m writing this to make other young parents feel that they’re not the only one who is having problems, having double jobs, doing house chores alone, taking care of the baby alone.

I’m not saying that being a young parent is good but surviving considering the fact that you are still young and raising a child properly? I salute you and you have my highest respect because surviving is not easy especially if you are at a young age. Young parents should educate their selves too on how to control the number of your kids especially if you cannot feed them well and cannot give a good education as well.

If you’re still not ready to be a parent then AVOID getting pregnant I’m not saying that you will commit abortion, but as much as possible do everything that you can to avoid the temptation because at the end you’ll be the one suffering, an innocent child will suffer too.

Live life to the fullest, travel, work, earn money, buy everything that you want, eat everything that you like because you only live once. It has been a dream of mine in becoming a parent, I felt no regret stepping to that position but if you are not ready then you will really have a hard time. If you’re thinking about committing to something that you know has consequences, think again, be wise you can only have that mistake once and then your whole life will change, let’s be responsible!