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“I am Ilonah Jane Cañazares a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Education”. That is the most precious thing that the undergraduates are hoping and wishing for someday. Mentioning the degree they finished after their name is one top list they want to achieve against all odds.

“I’m married so I cannot continue my studies”
– I have a responsibility
– I’m the father I should be a good provider
– My wife needs the money more than my education

“I came from a very poor family studying in college is really a “no” for me.”
– My siblings need more education more than I do
– Education will not make you rich
– We need food than education

“I’m the breadwinner of the family, I cannot afford to lose my job in exchange for my education in college”
– I don’t have enough money to buy books
– My family needs me
– My siblings are often sick that’s why we need a lot of medicine

You kept being stagnant on that same reason why you cannot continue your studies, and eventually, you will end up feeling pity for yourself. Being positive cost you nothing. It will actually help you in setting your goals which is to finish college. To tell you it will not be an easy road to take but one thing is for sure it will be all worth it.

Being married doesn’t mean you are not allowed to study again. Yes, you have responsibilities to become a good provider but marriage is about understanding each other. it’s not always the father that should always work for the family. If there’s a need for the father to study. Then sacrifice and let your partner study anyways it will also your life that will be in comfort in the future. Even though you came from a very poor family scholarships are all around you all you need to do is to take an effort and look for them.

Definitely, you need to finish college, especially if you are a man, how can you be a great provider without a degree. It will be your access to promotions and high paying jobs. Don’t be silly saying that your siblings need it more than you do because all of you deserves to finish college. Technically speaking it’s your parent’s responsibility. So when building your own family do not have a lot of kids specially if you cannot afford sending them to college. Food is a need but as well education.

Education might not make you rich but at least it will be your edge compared to others. You can actually work while you’re still studying there are a lot of opportunities if you are just determined. Open your eyes a bit wider and embrace positivity. Do not settle for less but aim for the best not just for yourself but also for your family.