In this guide, I will try to capture a Lunatic to show you the trick.

You need to have 3 Taming Items to do this trick.
You can buy it in the Exchange function or get it in the monsters that drop it, either way, is ok.

Step 1: Make sure to disable your Auto attack function in the Adventurers Skill tab.

Step 2: Click the monster that you want to capture or tame, in my case, I will get Lunatic.

Step 3: Go to your Bag and click the rainbow Carrots, Tap use.

Step 4: Upon use, Click PRESENT, You will notice that the Lunatic that you are trying to capture produces RED and GOLD Heart emoticons.  In the first attempt, it should show mostly RED, Do not catch it for now.

Step 5: Click the PRESENT carrots again and the Heart Emoticons will show 50% RED and 50% GOLD.

Step 6: Click PRESENT again and for the third time it will become 100% GOLD, In that state, the chance in taming the pet or capturing the pet is already 100%.

Step 7: Click Catch and you should be able to catch it 100%

For the other Pet. Please check the number of taming items below.

    x 3 Green Apple
    x 3 Rainbow Carrot
    x 4 Tropical Banana
    x 3 Sweet Milk
   x 4 Well Dried Bone
   x 5 Nutrition Potion
    x 7 Book of the Evil
    x 6 Shining Stone
    x 6 Contract of Shadow
    x 7 Silver Knife of Chastity
    x 6 Armlet of Obedience