Pet Adventurer’s Guide is the same as the Pet Labor, the big difference is Pet Adventurer’s Guide consumes your daily Stamina Allocation.

Use the Pet Adventurer’s Guide and another option will appear.

– Your pet needs to be level 35 and an Intimacy of Level 3 to be able to work in Pet Adventure Guide.
– The higher the level of the map means the greater the prizes.

1. Choose the Map that you want to work with.
2. Click the Plus sign so that you can start selecting the pet that you want to do the adventure. 

The information below is directly taken from the game.
Rules of the Loot:

1. The Loot preview is just a preview. The rewards obtained after the adventure are not the same with the ones in the preview.
2. Each zone’s adventures can be repeated, Consuming Adventure Meatballs and daily fight duration / Stamina to start the adventure and gain specific rewards and pet EXP in the ZONE.
3. Adventure loot in each area is affected by the adventure efficiency. Adventure efficiency is determined by the level of adventure zone, the pet’s level and number, Intimacy, the relationship between pet and the zone, and also the development status of the adventurer. The higher the efficiency, the more rewards you can gain in each adventure.
4. The rare loot is affected by the pet’s ability. Each time a corresponding pet’s ability is met. You can gain a rare reward in the adventure zone.
5. In each zone’s adventure, you can choose the monster that corresponds to the zone. In the case of selecting the monster, Only the monster’s reward can be obtained.

Adventure Combat Duration:
1. Pet’s adventure cost daily combat time or Stamina.
2. The time in Fatigue cannot be used for the pet adventure.