I have been playing Ragnarok Mobile for 10 days now, I ‘ve been wondering what is the benefits of taking bard quest when in the first place it doesn’t benefit you a lot. Like for example in Board Quest, You will only need to kill 25 Horong’s  in the exchange of 25,000 base experience to 80,000  base experience depends on what order did you took the quest. While in the Bard Quest, you need to Gather Random items mostly 40pcs (ex: Immortal Hearts) to proceed with the next steps most likely to kill 300 monsters.

Well, at first Bard Quest doesn’t give you a lot especially when you are still new in the game, but as the game progresses that is the time when Bard Quest becomes useful.

I’ve noticed that while the game progresses, Bard Quest is also unlocking craftable items. Yes! you will not be able to craft good items if the Bard Quest is not complete.

I was in my slave Priest when I noticed it, Take a look at what the NPC says.
Equipment Crafter at Payon

The NPC will tell you that he can’t craft for everybody.

I asked my self. What’s wrong? My Hunter is level 66 as of the moment. I noticed after the Bard Quest that it allows me to craft new items by giving me a new Recipe.



Have a great day ahead! ROK ON!