Adventurer Handbook
Adventurer Handbook is the list of the overall progress that you have achieved in the game.
You can check it by clicking the More option in the upper right of the screen and then click Adventurer Handbook.

Overall Achievement

The Overall Achievement Determines what benefits you can Learn, The Higher the Level the Higher the Level of  Class you can apply too.
Learn more about Adventurer’s Class and the skill Benefits.

Monster Album

List of the monsters that you have encountered, you can unlock the monster in the list by Killing it or Taking a Picture of it. Doing both will give you more experience to level up your Overall Achievement.


Crafted Headgears

List of the crafted Headgear acquired in the game.          

Since the Game is still new, I suggest not to create one first since hunting requirements to build one is really hard.  For now better use the random Headgear dropped by Gotcha!


Pets Album

List of Pets acquired in the game. 
– What is  Taming Item?
– Learn more about Colorful Shell.


NPC Album

List of NPC who you were able to interact with.


All Scenery

Taking a Selfie is the most important part in levelling your Adventurers Handbook.
This is the best way to level up and acquire higher Class such as “Adventurer Class E and D”.


Card List

You can see all the list of cards that you already acquired. 
Card List is also related to King Poring
– Learn more about King Poring


Personal Resume

List of achievements along the way.


List of Upgradable Items and other collected Achievement such us Hair Styles, Toys, Adventure and Mercenaries (Kitty Cat).

Nothing is special here aside from the list of items that you can get in-game by a quest.
If you have noticed, some of the items are still locked, that means that it’s either the item is not for you or you did not finish the quest for the certain items that you want to get. You need to finish the quest first before the Equipment Crafter in any Map Such us in Payon can make it available for you.
– Learn more about Bard Quest.
– Learn more about Cat Mercenaries.