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Some of you may think that being the first born of the family is amazing. You get most of the new toys , you get most of the new bags and most of the school supplies. There are actually people that are longing to be the firstborn. Here are some points why you should not wish to be the firstborn of the family.

– When the youngest sibling comes along, detention will be diverted to the younger ones.
– You are expected to do most of the household chores.
– You are obliged to have the longest patience towards your younger siblings.
– As the first person to graduate in the family you are expected to graduate with flying colours especially that its part of the Filipino culture to always have a breadwinner thus supporting your parents, siblings are considered a must.
– As the eldest sibling, you’re obliged to take care of your parents especially when they get old.

That is just a few of the common things that are happening to a kind of family in poverty. I’m not actually referring to all of the family but most of the family but its very common to our culture. There are Filipino cultures that are good but there are also Filipino cultures that are bad and making our lives much more miserable. For example, sending your younger siblings to school. It is not supposed to be an obligation of the elder siblings because technically it is the parents duty to send their children to school. However due to financial crisis elder siblings are forced to shoulder the responsibility. How about providing and fixing the house, let us not forget that parents are the ones who are responsible for giving shelter to the children, not the other way around. Maybe this is an eye-opener to all that it is not always good to envy someone’s position nor to pass the responsibility of a parent to his child. Be contented of who and what you are because you’re imperfections makes you perfect.