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At this point in your life, I’m sure many of us are still scared of dying. You still have a lot to do with your life like, finishing school, buying everything that you want, travelling having kids and reaching the success that you always wanted. That’s who I am before, very idealistic, goal oriented, and let’s say I’m “a stick to my principle person”.

Way back in college I told myself I will never marry a man without huge savings in his bank account, I won’t marry a man without him having a house for us to live in, and of course,  I won’t marry a man without a car already for us to use. As for me, I won’t get married without me having a lot of savings for my own family. I won’t get married until such time that all my travels travel goals will be reached. I won’t get married until such time but I already have a lot of money in my savings account.

Believe it or not, I have lived in that kind of goal and principle for almost 23 years. Until one day I already cannot understand what is happening to my body almost every week I get hospitalized with a different diagnosis. I did not mind at first because in my mind it’s just a simple cough or colds but then I started to become weaker day by day until I got to the point that I was bedridden and was diagnosed with a dying disease.

My behaviour started to change from the very positive thinker and an easy go lucky woman I transformed into a person of darkness. At that point, my smiles are already very rare. I started to become very lonesome. I easily get mad at small things specially every time I don’t get what I want.

Here are some reasons that you need to know about the behaviour of a dying person, I mean things like why do they have a sudden change of attitude?. Why they are so negative and etc…

– A dying person is very sensitive so please be careful of your words.
– A dying person wants to get everything he/she wants because he/she knows he/she already have a limited time living.
– A dying person is hard-headed because their mind is already set that at the end of the day they will still die.
– A person is pessimistic because of all the people in the world they have been chosen to be diagnosed on that specific deceased, considering the fact that they have done nothing wrong to be in that situation.
– Most of the dying person loves to sleep then to eat, it’s because their body and mind is tired of all the needles that they have to go through in the hospital.
– A dying person’s only wish is to live longer.

Those are only some points that you need to understand why are they like that? Why are they like this ?, Because believe me, until now they are still upset about their situation. That’s why as much as possible we need to have the longest patience in the world for them. It’s not easy and it’s very torturous, trust me. They need us to be there for them. They want us to be strong for them. Seize each moment that you have with that dying person because you can never turn back time. No matter what our goals are, let us not forget to live our lives to the fullest because death is just. around the corner.